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We supply companies to provide their customers with cash, booking and wholesale sales of a variety of flexible ways. Meet customer demand is our foundation, and we will always listen and respond to the changing needs of customers By continually improving our processes and services to meet our customers expectations of the trend. If we regard the quality of life better and limitless, in good faith to build customer loyalty.

Tel : 0571-64131588
Fax : 0571-64131688
   潘建花 13968136788
  Address :
  Mail:  [email protected]

Add: Chengnan Developing Zone Meicheng Town, Jiande
P.C.: 311604
Tel: 0571-64131588
Fax: 0571-64131688
Mobile: 潘建花 13968136788
Mobile: 袁建新 13906818888
Opening Bank: 工行梅城分理处
Account No.: 1202028209006801886
Tax No.: 330182720077356
Mail: [email protected]



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