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We supply companies to provide their customers with cash, booking and wholesale sales of a variety of flexible ways. Meet customer demand is our foundation, and we will always listen and respond to the changing needs of customers By continually improving our processes and services to meet our customers expectations of the trend. If we regard the quality of life better and limitless, in good faith to build customer loyalty.

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Jiande City Xinpeng car company located in the beautiful scenery of Huangshan Xin'anjiang -- -- -- Qiandao Lake gold Tourism FUCHUNJIANG Line currently is the largest, Our company professionally produce various kinds of bicycle spoke, iron hook, the automobile hauling rope and so on.
Enterprises covers over 10,000 square meters and a building area of more than 8,000 square meters, dozens of special equipment pieces (sets). Computer program with the industry's most advanced production lines, with an annual production of various kinds of bicycle spokes, of the 3.8 million motorcycles. a full range of products : chromium plating, galvanized, stainless five series, there 8G,9G,10G,12G specifications. 13G,14G, 84-308mm length of the series, a common type of carrier, cutters, 16mm long cutters and iron, aid organizations are known to meet international standards. Bicycle manufacturers dedicated to providing the middle and lower ends of the country MTB, ATB, BMX and ordinary vehicle accessory products. and export to Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia market, as well.
Enterprise also produces various types of go-karts and all kinds of parts and products, which are 12 ", 16", 20 "cars the introduction of development of all types of high-grade series of go-karts.
In the international market-oriented enterprises, "credibility comes first, quality first," the purpose warmly welcome new and old customers to use foreign presence

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